Keep more of your commission!


No matter what a brokerage offers, the real question is whether you are getting an overwhelming value for what your broker keeps. We believe that we provide our agents with a compensation plan that is unmatched in Central Florida when it comes to the value we bring to the table!

80/20 Split

You only pay a 20% broker split until you reach your annual cap then you don't pay any broker split for the remainder of the year!

$15,000 Annual Cap

Once you've paid us $15,000 in broker split on agent generated business in a calendar year, you don't pay another penny towards broker split for the rest of the year!


additional benefits

Broker Support

Let's face it, real estate never takes a day off which is why our agents have access to our four brokers as well as our support staff 7-days a week.

Marketing Support

Our marketing support helps agents with everything from print to streaming marketing and everything in between!

Listing Photography + Video

We have a full-time digital marketing team that provides deeply discount media services for your listings and more!

kvCORE + MoxiWorks

Every agent get their own website and CRM from your choice of kvCORE or MoxiWorks!

Attorney On Retainer

Have legal questions? Our attorney is on retainer and available 7-days a week through our support team.

Moving Concierge Service

Our VIP Moving Concierge helps your buyers and sellers take the stress out of moving.

1,500+ Live Trainings

We offer over 1,500 instructor-led learning events each year for all agent experience levels.

Free CE Courses

Get free CE and license courses through OneBlue Real Estate School.

Listing Signs + Lockboxes

We provide complimentary yard arm installs, sign panels, and electronic lockboxes.

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